The House Sessions

Imagine the experience of live acoustic folk music while enjoying a glass of wine or warm latte, all in the comfort of your own home.  There's not much that could be better than that. 

The desire for an intimate, shared experience for both audience and artist has led to the phenomenon known as the House Concert.  This style of live performance is a rewarding form of self-expression and an unparalleled opportunity for artists to connect with audiences.  

Overview of a House Concert or Session

A House Concert is when a performer comes to your home (or home owner's rec room, backyard, etc.) to play a private concert for you and your friends or colleagues.  Generally, based on the space, a house concert offers a smaller group of people a chance to hear original music in a setting that is quiet, intimate, and comfortable.  House concerts are about the music and the ambiance.

Refreshments may be provided by the host or the host may suggest that guests bring their own beverages, food, and snacks.  It is really up to the host to make these determinations.

The fee for a house concert is not collected through ticket sells, but rather as a suggested donation given by the host or attendees of the concert.  House concerts, also, afford the artist the opportunity to sell CDs and other merchandise that attendees can purchase. 

Below are 3 options for house concert donations:

  • Traditional House Concert - suggested donation is collected from attending guests, the artist gets whatever is collected at the end of the night 
  • Traditional Plus - same as above but with a minimum guarantee from the host 
  • Private Event - host pays the artist a flat performance fee and guests attend at no charge

Additionally, lodging may be provided to the artist(s) and would need to be discussed prior to securing an event date.

House concerts are great for hosts and guests because they not only create a unique and intimate concert experience, but they also offer a clear and direct channel for hosts/guests to support an independent artist.

Would you or someone you know like to be considered for a house session with Jojo James?  If so, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!