A Tale of Two Kentucky Artists...


With music that has been described as a blend of swing-grass and folkloric soul infused with a contemporary mountain feel, few are more adept in their journey through the Appalachia and Kentucky music landscape than JoJo James.  Peculiar, noteworthy pickin’, Appalachian flavored vocals, and new-fashioned, heartfelt lyrics create a clever arrangement of songs that are quickly gaining this duo traction in the Kentucky music scene. 

The collaboration of JoAnna Lewis-Oldfield (JoJo) and James Moore, who grew up in the same state, yet between two worlds; has resulted in a well-versed sound. With deep ties to Bluegrass & Mountain Music, JoAnna grew up in East Kentucky listening to Bill Monroe, Patty Loveless, and Dolly Parton. While James, a local Central Kentuckian, has spent the last 30 years studying the various styles of greats such as Tony Rice, Mark Knopfler, and Jimmy Vaughn. Rooted by their cultural influences this duo is forging a musical path all their own. 

The new album from these Kentucky natives is a cultivated treatise of pride and heritage. The compilation fosters wisdom in Kentucky history and culture, as well as a sense of honor in Kentuckians young and old alike. Few artists could pull off such a polished, cohesive album; which was written in less than 4 months and recorded in their homes.  However, the conceptual passion they share for their home emerged into a collection of Kentucky accolades in no time.  

Bluegrass & Roses weaves between hard-hitting songs that touch on cultural dignity (East Kentucky Side), little known Kentucky History (Louisville Belle, Let’s Taste the Burgoo, West Kentucky Water Lands), refurbished Kentucky Classics (My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night),  and more personal narratives speaking about life and love from a Kentucky perspective (Blue As Kentucky, Where the Grass is Blue). Within each song, there is a story that is artfully crafted making Bluegrass & Roses nothing short of a notable tribute album.

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